By: Leo W. Gerard, via: Huffington Post In a shocking turn of events, Republicans now care about whether Americans have health insurance! It happened quite suddenly. The moment can be precisely pinpointed. It occurred early in the day of Oct. 1 when the media declared the launch of the Affordable Care Act website a fiasco. […]

A dangerous deal for labor, the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, gained a key endorsement from the NYTimes on the eve of VP Biden’s trip to China. Ed Schultz and Leo Gerard discuss the effect. “A US-led trade deal is currently being negotiated that could increase the price of prescription drugs, weaken financial regulations […]

By: Leo W Gerard via Huffington Post Anthony Tenny told Clearwater Paper several times that he was concerned about working in excessive red cedar dust at its Lewiston, Idaho, sawmill. But nothing changed. So he reported his fears to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Within a month of OSHA inspecting the plant, Clearwater […]

By Jose T. Bravo & David Campbell via: UT-Sand Diego The chemical disaster that rocked the small town of West, Texas earlier this year killed 15 people and injured hundreds more, giving us a terrible reminder of the catastrophic dangers posed by facilities that store or produce dangerous substances, especially when those facilities are sited […]

By: Leo W Gerard via Huffington Post Pope Francis has the antidote for what ails the United States. He gave the Catholic Church’s1.2 billion followers a dose last week when he suspended the Bishop of Bling. The German bishop, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, bought himself a $20,000 bathtub while spending $42 million renovating his residence. It’s an echo of John […]

Congratulations to sister Margarita from Santa Fe Rubber who returned to work after winning the arbitration case. To celebrate, we had sister Margarita show up to work a little early and we had cake and made a lot of noise with her to commemorate her return to work. Welcome back to work sister, and let […]

By: Dave Jamieson via Huffington Post WASHINGTON — With fresh Capitol Hill budget battles on the horizon, the head of the leading labor federation planned to issue a blistering warning to unions’ Democratic allies on Monday, saying the AFL-CIO would “never stop working” to end the political careers of Democrats who cut entitlement programs. “No politician … […]