Get Involved

Get informed on what is going on throughout our union and get involved in the various programs offered.

388185_10150628575794778_1569822015_nRAPID RESPONSE
Rapid Response is the United Steelworkers’ grassroots legislative education and action program. To date, Rapid Response activists have engaged in nearly a decade and a half of education on legislative issues that impact USW members and all workers.

wos-limitedcolor-2inWOMEN OF STEEL
Women of Steel is a program for our strong sister in the Steelworkers. United Steelworkers Women of Steel feel that an integral part of promoting women’s issues is through communications. By keeping members informed about economic, health care and work related issues concerning women, we can gain a stronger voice when we need to lobby for just reforms on women’s issues.

usw_next_generation_full_colorNEXT GENERATION
The United Steelworkers are committed to grooming the next generation of activists and leaders to ensure a sustainable future for the labor movement. The Next Generation group is here to give our young members the education and voice to continue the good work of USW leaders that came before us.

If you are interested in joining any of these programs fill out the info below and we will get back to you on how to join

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