Summer of Solidarity Day 4

Early Tuesday morning, the Summer of Solidarity Tour met up with 30 Detroit Anti-Eviction Activists at the UAW Local 600 union hall in Dearborn, MI for a 300-mile caravan to Chicago to join the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign and other Chicago area housing activists for demonstrations at the Bank of America, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offices.

A few hours later we were met by a busload of activists from USW Local 8565 who have been on strike at Rotek, a company that manufactures bearings and rotors for windmills, in Aurora, Ohio for 8 months.

Local 8565 held a rally at Rotek owner ThyssenKrupp’s downtown office with tour organizer Stephen Lech, who is a veteran of a 14 month lockout at Honeywell offering words of encouragement. The company sent a representative out to meet with the strikers and accepted their letter.

When the anti-foreclosure caravan from Detroit arrived in Chicago, they joined the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign for a rally at the home of Pat Hill, a retired Chicago police officer whose home had been saved from foreclosure.

The caravan from Detroit and the Chicago Anti-Eviction campaign joined USW Local 8565 in Downtown Chicago for a rally at Bank of America regarding the bank’s predatory lending practices and its role in the financial crisis.

IMG_4573 IMG_4612 IMG_4659 IMG_4668 IMG_4676 IMG_4691

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