Summer of Solidarity Tour Stop Two

On Day 2 of the Summer of Solidarity Tour we arrived in Pittsburgh.  The tour stopped by the picketline at Neville Chemical where more than 150 members of USW Local 5032 went on strike last week to protest the company’s cuts to hourly worker’s pension program.

Later that day tour organizers gave a “Notes from the Road” presentation at the Big Idea Bookstore, a cooperatively owned and run book store. International Organizer Patrick Young and International Staffer Mike Zielinski gave a presentation about our stops in each city and what we are going to do at each stop. Local 675 Organizer Moises Hernandez finished the presentation speaking on what is going on in Los Angeles and our work with the Carwash workers and the strategy implemented in organizing and achieving our first contract.

In the evening Michael O’Brien and Anne Feeney were joined by local performers Mike Stout and the Old E Allstars for a concert at Howlers.

IMG_4279 IMG_4295 IMG_4292 IMG_4345

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