GOP Plan to Beat Itself Up | Leo W. Gerard

Saturday began Congress’ traditional five-week, late-summer sojourn during which members engage in the customary sipping of mint juleps, kissing of fat cat donors and, oh yeah, jawing with select constituents.

Since this Congress is on track to be the least productive in history, members have precious little to offer constituents as proof they’ve been on the job. So the House Republican Conference produced a guidebook showing GOP representatives how to explain getting paid $174,000 a year to do next to nothing.

The GOP gave the manual a confusing title: “Fighting Washington for All Americans.” Republicans are the majority in the House and on the Supreme Court. They areWashington. Basically, then, the playbook urges Republican representatives to tell their constituents they are fighting themselves. That’s probably not a good thing to tell constituents — even though it’s true. A major reason Congress can do little more than name post offices these days is that House Republicans are beating themselves up...

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