International President Leo W. Gerard has a post on The Huffington Post

“Wall Street held itself a big fat profit party last week. The nation’s six largest banks reported $23 billion in profits. That’s for one quarter — three months. Pop the Champagne. Buy another Lamborghini.

Well, if you’re a Wall Street banker, that is. Not if you’re a college student looking for a loan. ‘Cause bankers and Congress don’t intend to give you a break today.

Not if you’re one of the tens of thousands of workers furloughed because of the sequester. ‘Cause Congress has no intention of charging highflying banks a financial transaction tax,the revenues from which could prevent many of those cuts.

Not if you’re one of those middle class Americans who bailed out the banks and now fears renewed recklessness on Wall Street will require another rescue. ‘Cause Wall Street has persuaded Congress that it really, really should not closely regulate banks.”

To read the rest of his post click here

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