Candlelight Vigil Challenges Angelus Can Plant Closure

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Angelus Can is closing its Los Angeles plant.  Even though the plant is profitable, the Company has decided to move production to a non-Union plant in Ohio.


On December 12, 2012, the laid off members of USW Local 8957 gathered at the Los Angeles plant at the same time as a gathering was held at Corporate HQ in Saint Louis.  Retiree Doug Marshall described these vigils: “The vigil began at 3:00 PM, the time the office people usually leave. However Angelus sent everybody home and hour early that day so the place was empty. A lot of our members were there as well as our retirees, Steelworkers from several other Locals and a Maywood City Councilman. A similar vigil was held outside Barry Wehmiller headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. That vigil was lead by Randy Sullivan and Roger Herrera and a bunch of St. Louis Steelworkers made up a good crowd.”


Local 8957 and the International Union are leading a campaign to attempt to reverse the closure.  There will be more events to support these workers.  Watch this website for more information.

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