USW 675 at Occupy Wall Street

October 17th Local 675 staff and members went to show their support at Occupy Wall Street. For the week that we went, we saw the solidarity between the working class, students, recently unemployed, and people who came from overseas to show the 1% that we are united and we will not take it anymore. We spoke with people who have been unemployed and how hard it is for them to find jobs, students who have a hard time paying for their tuition, and employed workers who find it hard to be able to pay their bills, groceries, etc. on the wages that they currently have. They all came together no matter the struggle, no matter the weather. Even the rain would not stop the occupiers, they stood strong showing the strength of the people and the power that we have. The protest was not a hectic place to be, it was very peaceful and calm, occupiers were very respectful to the surroundings and to the people who would walk through. Occupy wall street was an amazing experience for those of us that went. The unity between us all is strong and with time we hope that the unity will grow stronger.

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  1. Erica Kent · · Reply

    Great job Moises!!!

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